Multiple Problems One Solution A Toll Free Number

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Published: 07th November 2012
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A toll free number is a clear indication of a companyís intention that is to make the clients to call the firm. Sales are the most important aspect of revenue generation. If a company starts concentrating more on its sales to increase the firmís returns then it can definitely expand effectively. Enhancing sales is very closely related to improving the business interaction level of the enterprise. Customers look for a firm that is able to provide them support, with alarming call rates it becomes very difficult for small and medium size companies to offer quality services to their customers. This gives an edge to the large companies because they do not function on thin margins.
Small and medium size companies are trying to make a mark of their own but the inflating economy makes it difficult for small scale firms to expand. Therefore improving communication setup will helps in boosting up the sales.
Let us consider the problems which can be effectively catered by a toll free number
- Getting a response from a reluctant customer
- Less sales calls
- Market image of the firm
- Promotion of the company
- Global presence
All the above mentioned issues can be catered with toll free number. Small and Medium size businesses
can attract more customers and generate more leads with the help of a toll free or a vanity number. A
Number can serve as an asset to the small size firms and can play a vital role in publicizing the business.
They promote a brand image of the company and help the company gain a stronger foot holds in the
There are many perks in opting for a toll free number, some of them are as follows:
- Create better customer response for your firm- Have you ever tried making a feedback call or given a choice on your companyís behalf to your customers in order to reach your enterprise? In order to retain your customers and business from them you must give them a reason to return back to you again and again. With a toll free number, you are giving them a good reason to be associated with you and also as the number is toll free, you are also able to show that you are thoughtful of your clients.
- Easy to memorize- Toll free numbers are easy, therefore they can make an impact on your clients. They can easily remember the number. Moreover there are certain numbers called the vanity numbers which are associated with the companyís name, this even helps in the promotion of the company.
- Imparts credibility- It is usually assumed that a firm with a toll free number is comparatively more reliable. These numbers are a great option for the firms of all sizes. The client will never get to know if the company they are calling is big or small.
- Hassle free relocation- Toll Free Numbers are not region specific hence they are very flexible, this means you can easily relocate your office without worrying about changing the number and reaching to the clients. At any time if you feel like switching your provider you can take your number with yourself.
- Stronger marketing tool- By calling from your toll free number you are giving your client an easy option to reach to you. This way you are promoting your firm and also facilitating your client to reach to you in easy way. Hosted PBX services offer a wide range of toll free numbers with advanced features which enhance the capability of your communication platform. If you are thinking of getting one, then try to avail with the Hosted PBX system. So reflect a stronger market image by using toll-free number with business PBX.

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