Hosted VOIP PBX | Advantages and Features

Published: 07th October 2010
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Hosted VOIP PBX is a sophisticated, feature-rich, money saving, business class communication system ideally suited for small and medium business enterprises. There is a wealth of advantages and top-of-the-class features to give your business a competitive edge. Many small and growing enterprises are rapidly making the switch from the traditional PBX to Hosted IP PBX service providers as an excellent low cost alternative to the expensive business phone systems. There are numerous priceless advantages of a small office communication system.

Reduced Costs: - The total cost of ownership and installation is greatly reduced as there is no equipment to buy, install, maintain and upgrade. All this rests with your VOIP PBX Hosted service provider. Hence you get a system that is highly cost effective sans the hassles of monitoring the expensive and complex PBX equipments. You get all the functionality of a premise based IP-PBX system without the added troubles and cost, without compromising on voice quality.

Cheap Calls: - Many business enterprises save thousands of dollars on their phone bills by switching to Hosted VOIP PBX providers. You can save up to 50% on your monthly telecommunication bills due to the very cheap call plans offered by many service providers. You can also choose a desired area code; different from the one you live in, to cut down your capital expenditures. This means if you live in Toronto and your office is in New York, then you can get a virtual New York number and enjoy local rates for business calls. Also there are no extra charges for calling between extensions.

Efficient Telecommunication System: - In traditional PBX systems there is a dedicated line between callers, which cannot be used for other calls or data, during the duration in which call is maintained hence lowering efficiency. While in Hosted VOIP PBX systems, voice and data are integrated and transferred over high speed broadband network in the form of digital data packets making it a highly efficient communication system.

Flexibility: - For any growing business enterprise upgrading and expanding is very easy with a Hosted IP PBX provider. To expand additional phone lines can be added with ease so that businesses can concentrate on their core business, and the rest is taken care of by the hosted VOIP PBX provider. Shifting to a new office location is as easy as point and click. For business organizations having large number of mobile workers, VOIP PBX hoisted service providers have the potential to meet their needs.

Virtual Office: - One of the biggest advantages of Hosted VOIP PBX is that you can establish a virtual business presence wherever you go as your services go with you. All you need is an internet connection, an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) and your phone to receive and make calls anytime, anywhere. Calls can be routed anywhere via broadband connection, so that you will never miss an important business call.

Standard Features: - There is a vast array of features which can largely benefit a business enterprise like:

• 3 way calling

• Call transfer

• Call forwarding

• Music on hold

• Find me/Follow me

• Speed dial

• Voicemail

• Caller ID

• Call queues

These standard calling features can greatly enhance you business image and improve your business communication.

Advanced Call Management Features: - Many Hosed VOIP PBX service providers offer some advanced call handling features at little added cost.

• Auto Attendant- This gives your business a professional image by routing calls to the right destinations.

• Multiple user connectivity- You can connect any number of offices, branches and international extensions as one unit and transfer calls anywhere.

• Remote employee support- For business enterprises having many mobile employees it gives a collaborative platform to enable workers to connect from anywhere in real time, to greatly enhance productivity.

• Virtual offices- You can set up a virtual business presence wherever you go and sound large to clients to get more prospects. Now wherever you go, your telecommunication features and services go with you.

• Toll-free numbers: - Many IP PBX providers allow you to have toll-free numbers and local phone numbers with anywhere connectivity.

• Voicemail Transcription: - This feature converts your voice messages to text formats like pdfs or docs in client specific formats.

Security: - All business calls are highly confidential and security of calls and data is a critical factor for any business organization. So Hosted VOIP PBX service providers use the latest firewalls and on-line security tools and standard encryption methods to safeguard data by holding multiple backups at secure data centers with regular monitoring in real time.

Since the success of a business enterprise largely depends on its communication, hence making the switch to Hosted VOIP PBX can do wonders for your business, by offering you a scalable platform with business class features and sophisticated telecommunication tools to help you portray a big enterprise image at competitive prices. So take the plunge and experience the advantages of an expensive enterprise class, business phone system to accomplish your business goals at a price you can afford.

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